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Month: May 2014

GODZILLA: *spoilers*

I have had some time to think about this movie and I even downloaded a horrible cam just so I could watch it again. Then I watched the original Godzilla film. I have a new understanding and appreciation to this film. People complaining about there being not enough of Godzilla apparently haven’t sat down and […]

Back up Strategies

Everybody always tells you to make sure that you are backing up your PC, but what does that really mean? And what files do you actually need to backup? Today I will walk you through the basics of backing up your PC, what you should back up, and why. Of course, these rules won’t fit […]

Backup Options for Windows

Backups on Windows can be confusing. Whether you’re using Windows 7 or 8, you have quite a few integrated backup tools to think about. Windows 8 made quite a few changes, too. You can also use third-party backup software, whether you want to back up to an external drive or back up your files to […]

Bullied and Invisible.

I want you to imagine what it would be like if one day you walked out of your front door and you were completely invisible. Nobody looked at you, nobody acknowledged your presence. ¬†When you try and make eye contact with people, they look away. Now imagine that happening for 13 years of your childhood. […] © 2014 Frontier Theme