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Month: March 2015

Gamenight – Pandemic

Pandemic, a board game in which players work together to protect humanity from four world-devouring viruses. The game ranks up there with Settlers of Catan as a sure-fire “gateway drug” to German-style boardgames; it is thoughtfully designed, deeply polished, and has just the right amount of story world. Most everything about the game suits my […]

My Gadget Bag

When I am out and about you normally will not see me without my gadgets bag. I use to carry around a swissgear backpack, but my gadgets out grew that bag and it has now become my tool bag. I have been sporting a swissgear messenger bag. This bag is starting to become out grown […]


I was going through some of my boxed up stuff and came across my coins most of which are wheat head pennies. ranging from 1910(maybe) to 1956. I noticed the container I had them in was starting to not be a container any longer. As I was transferring them to a new container I noticed […]

Planet Comicon 2015

I had the awesome opportunity to attend Planet Comic Con and it was everything I hoped it would be. There were cosplayers. There were fantastic panels. There were celebrity guests (Cary Elwes). Basically, if you are a fan of comics/movies/TV/gaming/POP CULTURE – and your psyche can handle fighting through thousands of people; this is the […] © 2014 Frontier Theme