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Half-Life turns nineteen this year. Half-life 2 turns thirteen. Yet, aged graphics aside, they are still one of the best games—or rather, one of the best experiences—the PC has to offer. The first Half-Life was influential not just because it played well, but because it immersed you into its world with great skill, gripping you […]

Moving a Steam game folder

Steam offers multiple library folders, and you can choose where you want to install games when you download them. And, thanks to a recent update, you can easily move a game after you’ve downloaded it without re-downloading the entire thing. This process can save you from downloading tens or even hundreds of gigabytes of game […]


What is a gamer? We rarely ask that question because we are usually certain what a gamer is. If you’re reading this, then chances are you see one in the mirror every morning. Being a gamer, however, is not the same thing anymore. When I say ‘what is a gamer?’ I mean ‘what is a […]

Trading – The Basics

Your first trade You’ll be sitting in a space station. If you select “Starport Services” you’ll see the Commodities market pop up. Select that option and you’ll see a list of goods (or Commodities) for sale and purchase. The price and availability of goods depends on various factors. Firstly, and most importantly, is the type […]

Welcome to Elite CMDR!

Elite: Dangerous can be very Daunting when you are a new player and you have not idea where to go or what to do well I’m gonna help you out with this short and sweet beginner guide. If you have horizons and choose surface start (horizons sidewinder), you will start at Asellus Primus This is […] © 2014 Frontier Theme