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February 9, 2014

Remastering of an Old Radio Show Aircheck


have a listen Anything and Everything

Back in college I did a radio show for the on campus radio station KFHS. I named it the Anything and Everything show. I would play any genre of music. i would have a rock block of song followed up with a foreign block, and then a country or hip-hop block. I love music; all of it. there are certain genres I like better than others, but that is just me. i love having these old recording around becouse(and this may sound weird) I enjoy listening to myself talk. I know a lot of people that will say just the opposite they hate listening to their recorded voices. I on the other hand enjoying listening not just to my self but other people. I enjoy listening to others talk; not really listening to their words, but the the tone and sound of their voice.  To me that is a type of music.

Music can be a form of entertainment and, more importantly, a medium of communication. Music is the air we breathe, the liquid we drink, the beat of our hearts. There is a song for every emotion, a song for every day. Music is the accompaniment to every one’s life story. Through music we can connect to people and their culture without physical or language boundaries.

Music is a universal interest, but at the same time expresses so much individuality between the different types of people that enjoy a variety of musical styles. Music is an outlet. Music allows you to find yourself at your darkest times. The music interest each person has can tell a story about them even they may not realize. If you were to go through someone’s music, you will learn about them. Music allows oneself to be free. Music can build a connection with a person like no other.

Without music this world would be dull.

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