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May 21, 2014

The book the changed it all

So I got my first edition of “trey of swords” by Andre Norton in the mail today. I have looked high and low for this copy. I also have a beat up paper back copy. This was the first fantasy book I read as a kid. If I had not picked this book up I probably would have never read anything. I hated reading when I was a kid there were never anything that would hold my attention. Then I saw this book. I chose this book because it had swords in the title. I liked swords I told me self. I did not even read the excerpt I told myself this books got to be good if it’s about swords.

As went to check it out I remember the librarian telling me that I probably wouldn’t like this book and tried to get my to get a different book. I found out much later it was because she was afraid my parents would have been upset about letting me read this book because it is set in witch world. The Witch World setting is one planet in a parallel universe where magic works; early in the fictional history it is performed exclusively by women. The series began as a hybrid of science fiction and sword and sorcery but for the most part it combines the latter with high fantasy. I was instantly glued to this book. After that I knew what books I wanted to read … fantasy books and now I collect them.


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