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March 22, 2015

My Gadget Bag


When I am out and about you normally will not see me without my gadgets bag. I use to carry around a swissgear backpack, but my gadgets out grew that bag and it has now become my tool bag. I have been sporting a swissgear messenger bag. This bag is starting to become out grown as well and I have been starting to look for a new backpack style bag. For now it works. So what do I carry around on a daily basis?

  1. A laptop. I have a windows machine and a macbook that I switch between depending what I need to have. For longer trips I normally take my macbook as it is much lighter than my 17in msi gaming notebook.
  2. Extended battery. This thing is awesome. I can use it to extend my phone battery/charge my tablet or my 3DS and kindles.
  3. Which brings me to my next items my 3DS XL and USB NES controller. I have a NES emulator on all my laptops that I can use my NES controller on the go. I also have a flash cart for my 3DS that contain Gameboy and Gameboy color emulators and roms plus my DS games. Hours upon hours of video game entertainment
  4. Kindles, that is right your read that correctly two kindles. I have a paperwhite and 3rd gen that I have stocked up with all the books. the 3rd gen supports audio files and has the ability to read to you. the paper white is just easier to read on and has a back lit screen.
  5. Leather Notebook w/ pens. You never know when you might need some paper to write something down.
  6. Tablet; This is my newest edition to my bag. I use it to access spread sheets that I use to track my weekly carb and calorie intakes. Plus this thing makes for a great comic reader.
  7. USB drive/card reader. Though I forget these a lot. Thankfully my computers all have sd slots on them.
  8. Pocket knives. These are a must though these are also what I forget to grab as well.
  9. Charging cables. Though not pictured I have usb data/power cables galore.
  10. Electrical tape. Not even sure why all my bags have a roll of electrical tape in them, but they do.
  11. headphones. also not pictured above is my Razer headset.

So there you have what I carry around with me every day.

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