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February 7, 2014

Jar Lanterns

I have been working on a project for quite some time now. A jar lantern. I was looking for a project to do that required some soldering and i was souring the internet and I kept coming across the temporary LED jar lantern where you tape an LED to a coin battery and then attach it to the jar lid. this is great if you don’t ever want to turn them off and let the battery burn out so i have set to add a switch and make a better lantern. here was my first attempt:

rocker switch

lit up

that was my first version. I didn’t like the color so I replaced it with a blue LED. The problem I had was that the LEDs were not diffuse and only lit up where the LED was pointing. so I put the project on hold until I could figure out my problem. Couple of weeks ago I came across a Diffused LED. as you see here in version 2.0

push button

powered on

in Version 2.0 I switched out the rocker switch for a push button and a larger jar and so far I like this version better.

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