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February 20, 2015

So long


For the last nine years I have been sporadically updating my first blog This site started when I was in college we had to create a site for class and that’s where is all started me and my rants that no one would ever read. the very first post that I ever made was about my computer surprise surprise. the last post was about the end of the year 2013 and Hexxit a mod pack for Minecraft that is about adventuring more so than building. even then I didn’t know what I want to do with biebsworld. Also at the time of this post my webserver I had at home that was serving died I lost an entire year of blog posts and podcasts due to that crash. this is why you see a year gap between the last post on biebsworld and the first post on

I am not really abandoning the site, it will continue on as it is right now. it will still serve as a portal into what was my world.  I just like how has started to grow. Biebsworld has a huge history of ups and downs and is very hard for me to go back to it. It feels very stale to me. In a sense I feel biebsworld is not apart of me anymore. yes its just a blog but I feel it’s a blog that I no longer want to be part of and I feel its time to let it rest. it served its purpose and it served well. Trying to go through the archives with all the broken links and photos is like trying to pull teeth. This is also a reminder of all the neglect the site has gotten. With all the Hard drive crashes I have had over the years it took a long time to convince myself I needed to start making backups.

I have plans for plans to start cataloging my game playing and my hobbies. in fact I have sat down and started a back log of stuff to write about. particularly a post that will either come later tonight or tomorrow about my recent obsession with lego minifigs. I do a weekly table top gaming group that I will start post about the different games we play and our tabletop adventures. With my new point and click camera I will be able to take photos again! sure I have a smartphone but it takes crappy photos just like all smart phones.

So why not do this one biebsworld? well I’m 31 one years old and I feel that fits me better also that whole justin bieber thing ruined any hope of using biebsworld. And that might be the major reason for not wanting to use biebsworld. I want to distance any connection to him and my nickname is a huge connection. if you do a google search “biebs” biebsworld was always in the top links. now you can’t find it unless you specifically search “biebsworld” but at the bottom of the page as you can imagine no amount of SEO will work for me. so for now I am going to draw the curtain over biebsworld and let it just sit in the darkness and someday maybe it will revive but until then I’ll be sitting here doing my thing.

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