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March 30, 2015

Gamenight – Pandemic


Pandemic, a board game in which players work together to protect humanity from four world-devouring viruses. The game ranks up there with Settlers of Catan as a sure-fire “gateway drug” to German-style boardgames; it is thoughtfully designed, deeply polished, and has just the right amount of story world. Most everything about the game suits my idea of ‘fun’: strategic thinking, a healthy dose of variability from play session to play session, emergent complexity, cooperative play and thoughtful communication design.

One problem though my game had misprinted instructions that inadvertently made our attempts at playing really hard. I have owned the game for quite awhile but never played it. Having contacted the game maker they emailed me the proper instructions that I can print out.

But be careful, because it’s addicting. When you lose, you’ll just want to start all over again. And when you win, you’ll want to increase the difficulty level and try again.

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