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December 12, 2017

Game Boy Advance Mod and Restore

I enjoy playing old platform games and have a lot of fun repairing and modding old systems like the Game boys.

I am sure there are people asking why not just play on a GBA SP. There are a few reasons why a fat GBA is my preferred system. First it is larger and fits my hands better than an SP. Second it uses AA batteries instead of a rechargeable pack. Third you can play GBC or GB full size cartridges in the best position. Games like Kirby Tilit and Tumble will not play properly in a GBA SP because the cartridge is upside down and sticks out the bottom, and this also gets in the way of your cramped hands on a SP. Do not get me wrong I still love the SP.

The original GBA does not have a backlight and is difficult to play in low light conditions and impossible to play in the dark even with a worm light.

Getting on eBay I sourced out the parts I needed to make the GBA a one of a kind. I Picked up a Backlit LCD and the proper adapter cable. I got a glass screen and replacement shell and buttons and sat down to work. The install was pretty simple. Overall I am pretty happy with the results. I can now play GBA, GBC and GB games in color in the dark without getting hand cramps. I like the glass screen and it should stand up better to scratches than the original plastic.



Both GBAs side by side after restore and mods

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  1. Man, I can still here that crunchy music and sound coming out of that little speaker grill. Soo good! They look great!

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